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        Shanghai Jiading Malu Chemical Co., Ltd.

        About Us

        Established in 1954, Shanghai Jiading Malu Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of sodium metabisulfite products. The factory experienced four relocations in September of 1969, February of 1986, January of 2000, and January of 2013 separately. The new factory covers 22,700 square meters with the total building area of 13,590 square meters and green area of 4,200 square meters.

        The sodium metabisulfite production equipments have been replaced and updated for four times. After times of technological transformations, the company has summed up a set of measures for the rational distribution of production equipment and technological process, technical data, environment protection and treatment, thus the quality management system can operate effectively. The annual output of sodium metabisulfite develops from 15 tons in 1954 to 150,000 tons currently.

        Malu Chemical Factory implements system of overall responsibility by factory manager, the factory manager arranges technical manager, production manager, operation manager, office, technology and quality division, administration department, production department, equipment division, workshop, supply and marketing division, warehouse and finance department, and the organization personnel implements relevant operation and management according to quality management system document.

        Relying on superior geographical advantage, our market share ranks the first place in the whole country, the material consumption is lower and the yield is higher in China. The quality of our products has reached the international advanced level, thus we've got the trust from domestic and overseas customers.

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